60 Years of Excellence

60 Years of Excellence
A decade after World War II, Georges Doriot realised an extraordinary vision. Doriot, a Harvard Business School professor and founder of the world’s first publicly traded venture capital fund, opened a business school in Europe.


With a select circle of young, bold pioneers, he founded INSEAD and broke the US monopoly on management education by the case method. INSEAD would not merely expand on the American model, the school would revolutionise it.

At the time, it was almost unheard of for a business school to be international, independent, diverse, close to business and propelled forward by entrepreneurial spirit. These were the principles INSEAD was founded on and remain the values that guide the institution to this day.

As a place where people study together and build business, the school offered an international perspective that stimulated economic growth and cooperation in Europe. INSEAD was built on the belief that business can be a force for good.

When the first class met in 1959, the INSEAD MBA programme was the first to merge management education with global socioeconomic realities. The energy created by this fusion sparked a worldwide movement that continues to grow today.

The world has changed dramatically in the 60 years since INSEAD opened its doors, but we have upheld our founding vision. Our global presence, academic excellence and exceptional alumni network enable us to take on new challenges. Because of the dedication and hard work of many people over many decades, INSEAD can seize important opportunities and ensure enduring impact.